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Trial Match

“Blue and green should never be seen, except on the head of an Irish queen” I remember my mother saying to me when giving me some fashion tips, probably about my blue and green tank top. I my defence it was probably in the 70s. Personally I like the combination of blue and green and think it makes a nice colour scheme for a footie app; Rangers and Celtic, blue sky and green grass, blue sky thinking (really?) managers and players …erm, coz they play on grass.

Blue and Green Theme

I googled for some example and came across this post at Crazy Egg, number 7 Lake Nona with its “fresh, modern color palette” looked good to me. Next up was choosing a Twitter Bootstrap theme. Cerulean from Bootswatch was a possibility, but I ended up splashing out $4 on Ericka and a ridiculous $15 on Reboot Landing from WrapBootstrap. Combining elements from all of these themes was beginning to feel like it might just work. But I needed some nice icons…

Font Awesome

The icons from Font Awesome are actually awesome. Designed to work with Bootstrap they are unbelievably good looking and easy to use and all for free. I plan to use them liberally throughout. So far they are on the index page, coloured to match the theme. The masthead icon and favicon have also been created from the font as well, pasting the font into Adobe Illustrator and exporting as a PNG.

Google Fonts

Google’s Oswald font is used both in PlayerManager and in the theme for this blog. It somehow reminds me of football shirt fonts.


The most important thing is the result…


And on the touchline…


Thanks to Pixeden for the iPad mockup. You can get the source code here.