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Android Development Setup Woes

I had been testing my Ionic app on an iPhone for a while when I thought I should try it on Android, after all that is one of the main selling points of hybrid mobile app development. Setting up the development environment for iOS on Mac OSX was super simple, until the convoluted certificate, key & provisioning chores. Super simple in comparison to Android development setup at least.

First of all I had to install the Android SDK, which, of course, is fair enough. Then I had to set up a virtual device, which again is fair enough. I started the simulator, oops I meant emulator… and several minutes later… nothing. A bit of Googling led me to install all the Tools and Extras for the latest Android SDK.  Now I’m getting somewhere, very slowly, …. at least Ionic claims that that the app has been installed and launched! Well, no it hasn’t actually…”Launcher 3 has failed”! FFS! What’s up now?

It turns out I’m not the only one to have issues with the Android emulator on Mac OSX. I turn to Genymotion. I download and install Genymotion. That doesn’t work either! FFS! It turns out I need to install VirtualBox first. FFS! No, in fact first I have to “Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere” in Mac OSX to run Genymotion! FFS!!!

Finally, I get my Ionic app running on a Galaxy S6 emulator, and to be fair to Genymotion it is pretty quick compared to the standard emulator. Happy days… eventually. Then I remember that I haven’t got as far as creating the Android equivalent of Apple’s certificates, etc…