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Flex & Volkswagen

The impressive new Volkswagen site is reported as being promoted with some pride by Volkswagen. You can see the ad here where it announces that ‘, built the same way as we build our cars’.

There have been some negative comments regarding the performance from some people, but who buys a car from a website on impulse? It works well for me but I do agree that Flex may not be the best idea for a website, a rich internet application yes but a complete website?


My first useful blog?

This is my second attempt at a blog. My first blog was a result of being encouraged to start one shortly after joining Adobe Consulting. In my first and only post I made rash statements about my blogging intentions. Today that single entry blog is still there for all to see. I like to think that it was my Scottish self-consciousness that stopped me from adding to it rather than a lack of (worthwhile) things to say. You might disagree but this time I think I do have something to say on Flex, AIR, Java & other stuff. Having been helped by countless other blogs I thought I would offer my experiences of building RIAs in the hope that it will add something to someone’s understanding somewhere out there.