I’m a freelance software developer based in Scotland. I have been building software applications for clients, both large and small, for a number of years, developing the user interface, web services and database software.

I have been working as a freelancer for about 20 years although in 2006 I joined Adobe Consulting as an employee in a Technical Architect role working on Flex based rich internet applications. After leaving Adobe I worked various Flex projects as a freelancer (and started this blog) but the world of Flex development has changed recently. So now I’m also looking at building browser friendly, non-plugin based, single page apps with HTML5  and JavaScript,.

I started work some basic sample projects to test out the capabilities of various HTML5  and JavaScript technologies and settled on a combination of Twitter Bootstrap, Backbone.js and jQuery. But these sample projects weren’t really testing anything close to how a real app would. I needed a real project…

Around about the same time  as I was evaluating HTML5 and JavaScript technologies I started to help out with my kids’ school football training. After a few “administrative issues” I saw a need for an app that could handle the management of teams, training, games, parent contact details, etc. And if it can run on multiple devices, including my iPhone and iPad when I’m on the training pitch, even better. The development of this app is now what this blog is about, to serve as a reminder to me of what I’ve done and why I did it that way more than anything else, but if you find something useful here then that’s nice. But if it helps get more kids playing more footie, then that would be even nicer!

You can email me at gerry@mclarnonworld.com or download my cv.


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