Mac Mini 2007 with OS X Server

Man alive! Against all expectations I’ve managed to upgrade my 6 year old Mac Mini (mid 2007 aka Macmini 2,1) to Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion Server.

Upgraded memory from 1GB to 4GB as the minimum for Lion is 2GB. Apparently the max for my Mac Mini is 2GB or 3GB depending on what out-of-date website you believe.

Lion Server
Signed up to Mac Developer Program for £60 to get access to downloads of Mac OS X, Server add on, etc. My Mac Mini’s architecture doesn’t support Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Although Lion is available from Apple (for about £20 I think) but not via the online store. Upgraded from Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard  to 10.7.5 Lion with the Server add on.

Waited for Spotlight to stop indexing. Wondered why the fan on the Mac Mini was going mental even after Spotlight had finished doing its stuff. Realised that I hadn’t reconnected the fan after the memory upgrade. Attached the fan cable.

Server vs iCloud
Decided not to bother using the Server functionality to share calendars, contacts, etc but to go for the convenience of iCloud instead.

And finally … bish, bash, bosh I have a Mac OS X Server ready for testing and other stuff like iTunes streaming via TwonkyServer which works well on DLNA devices.

In the end it wasn’t too painful and I feel as though I’ve saved myself about £800 on the cost of a new Mac Mini with OS X Server.


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