Microsoft recommends Flex!

I was speaking with a potential client last week about a project that requires a Rich Internet Application front end backed by Microsoft SharePoint 2007 services. Surprisingly the client had been advised by their Microsoft consultant that the two most suitable RIA technologies to choose from are AJAX and Adobe Flex! The suggestion that a Microsoft consultancy would recommend Flex with no mention of Silverlight seems ludicrous but as we all know sometimes fact is stranger than fiction!


5 thoughts on “Microsoft recommends Flex!

  1. Ryan Stewart says:

    That’s cool! I’d love to hear how the SharePoint project goes. I think that’s a really interesting market for Flex.


    • I have just returned from a meeting with my client. The system has now been running successfully for almost a year now with new content being added all the time. My client is happy for me to share my experiences of integrating a “cool” (other peoples words) Flex front end with the features of Sharepoint. Would anyone be interested?

  2. AJ says:

    I’ve been an independent consultant for years, working mostly with SharePoint, and I’m now telling everyone to go Flex, as well as starting on some Flex + SharePoint products of my own.

    SharePoint’s UI has always been intimidating, and I’m looking to Flex to add some RIA goodness.

  3. barry.b says:

    define “Microsoft consultant” in this case.

    an independant consultant specialising in Microsoft technologies?

    – or –

    a Microsoft employee/contractor?

    in other words it’s either

    “dog bites man” (Meh, so what)
    – or –
    “man bites dog” (hot dang! that’s news!)

  4. barry.b says:

    Ryan, you’re not the only one that’s interested

    I’m having to endure working with stupid DynamicsCRM – the UI is so clunky (I could say worse).

    I’m having two problems:
    – finding good integration hooks to get in there without too much pain and without future updates breaking the (unorthorised) mods
    – getting the boss to realise that the standard UI is inadequate, and that about a third of the app can really be done better… and getting buy in (“Hrmph! it don’t look broke to me. It don’t need no fixin’!”)

    either way, it’s lipstick on a pig,,,

    lets hope Mossy Barnes doesn’t see this thread – he might get ideas…

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